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Hello and thank you for applying for a slot with "School Studio Sessions".

Before your highly anticipated time slot with us there are a few really important things we want you to read and tick off, so that on the day of your recording session you can say that you are fully prepared to get the most out of your experience.

We recommend that you read the following check list thoroughly before the day of your recording experience, (if possible with an adult) as this will help you get the very best possible recording from your session.

Studio Session Checklist

I have selected and informed the school of my chosen song prior to the session.

I have chosen a song that I am already familiar with.

I have learnt all of the lyrics to the chosen song prior to the session.

I have chosen a song that does not contain obscene / explicit content.

I know the date and time of my session and know that failure to attend will forfeit my payment.

I have watched the vocal warm up video provided below.

I am well prepared to warm up vocally prior to the session and will bring appropriate drink for hydration.                     


I have read and understand all of the above points and agree to fulfil them to the best of my ability as failure to do so might affect/void my finished product.

Vocal Warm Up Video

We want you to enjoy your experience and get the best recording possible so we have found a great Vocal Warm Up video which will ensure you are ready to sing your heart out during your Studio Session.

Please watch the video as many times as you can in the days or weeks leading up to your experience and practice the warm ups as instructed. Then on the day of your slot, whether it be before school, during your dinner break or on your way to the recording booth, make sure you have carried out all of the warm up's that you can remember.


(The more warmed up and prepared you are, the better you will be able to sing.)

Thank you, we look forward to meeting you soon!

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